YouBloom is the first company to deliver a turnkey e-commerce platform with integrated marketing and social networking features for small and micro-businesses. We provide an affordable, user-friendly and high performance product suite. Our vision is for the You Bloom platform to become a thriving "digital oasis", inhabited by socially and environmentally conscious communities from all over the world, providing the space and the tools for their entrepreneurial, creative, and spiritual ambitions to be liberated and bloom. Our platform will enable its members to earn a living through promoting, selling, and trading among their customers and fans through an embracing process that benefits themselves and the greater community of Earth. YouBloom serves communities via a web and mobile-based platform. Our successful commercial launch in Europe introduced the first of a series of sub-platforms in the area of independent music, leveraging the extensive knowledge and network of the two co-founders. Our strategy is to grow through regional expansion into the US, Asia, Africa and Latin America as well as the addition of sub-platforms outside the music business that follow a similar dynamic and are held together by the same cultural glue. As YouBloom grows, so will the diversity of products and services - ranging from music downloads/DVDs, to books to healthcare services, all the way to eco travel dwellings, and plots of the Amazon rainforest. Our business model provides two tiers of services – a basic but high-quality service for free which is sponsored by contextual advertising, and a premium service with additional features available via subscription or on a pay-per-use basis. Our success is built on three pillars – our unique culture, our superior technology and our brand. 展开 公司地址:苏州国际科技园二期A303 (邮编:215001) 地图
Invitation from Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel---Marriott Flagship in Asia for Renaissance Brand. -- Lifestyle,Fashion,Boutique -- We’re Renaissance Located in Central Business District, middle of Dongsanhuan Middle Road, Convenient access to Subway No. 10 with the station “Shuangjing” right under the Fuli City Complex connects you to any part of Beijing. 521 spacious guestrooms including 36 suites,3Restaurants & 2Bars,Boasting of total meeting space of over 2,300 square meters ,Touch Spa, 24-hour Fitness and Indoor Swimming Pool Renaissance guests are Discoverers. Their mission is to “take it all in.” They view travel as an opportunity to discover something interesting and wonderfully new. We provide unique, local experiences. Each Renaissance embraces the locale and carries the assurance of a global brand. This is what attracts them, turning travel into “safe” adventure. Renaissance is an experience that inspires exploration. Around every corner, Renaissance invites guests to taste, see, feel, sip, hear, do and try something wonderfully new. 诚邀您加入北京富力万丽酒店 -- 亚洲万丽品牌旗舰店 -- 生活、时尚、精品 – 我们是万丽 位于中央商务区的北京富力万丽酒店是北京富力城发展项目之一,地铁十号线的“双井站”恰好位于富力城下,其核心的位置凸现了酒店的地理优势,使您轻松便捷地到达京城任何商业休闲区及观光景点。 酒店拥有共521间客房(包括36间套房),3个风格迥异的中、西餐厅,大堂吧和酒吧以及总面积达2300平方米大型宴会会议场地。除此之外,酒店还拥有水疗,游泳池以及24小时健身中心。 万丽的客人是探险者 他们的使命是 “权倾投入” 他们把旅行当作一种能够发现新奇和精彩事物的机会。 “万丽”是一种激励客人探索的经历。 在每一个角落,万丽邀请客人品尝,观察,感觉,品味,倾听,尝试做一些新奇发现的事物。 联系电话:010/58638769 邮箱:[email protected] 地址:北京市朝阳区东三环中路61号 五星级超豪华酒店——北京富力万丽期待您的加入! 招聘流程: 日期:每周一至周五 时间:上午十点至下午四点 乘车路线:23、28、37、57、300、348、705、707、802、特3、特8、运通107、801等公交车,双井站下车即可。 请将个人简历、身份证明、学历证明、专业资格证明复印件及一寸登记照片按以下联系方式发送至本酒店人力资源部: 请应聘者在信封和邮件标题上写明“姓名+应聘部门+应聘职位” 展开 公司地址:北京市朝阳区东三环中路61号 (邮编:100022) 地图 公司官网:http://www.marriott.com/default.mi

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    儿童节了,祝你像儿童一样活泼可爱,像儿童一样诚实善良,像儿童一样纯真好奇,像儿童一样天天向上。Children's day, wish you like a child lively and lovely, honest and kind, like children, like chi" /> 手机版   首页 | 句子大全 唯美的句子 伤感的句子 幸福的句子 爱情的句子 表白的句子 励志的句子 正能量的句子 经典句子 好词好句 | 名

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